Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Gundie Awards?

The Gundies are the first ever voting & award ceremony spotlighting the top creators in our community! Vote for your favorite influencers & brands in 10 total categories.

Why does this exist?

The Gundies was created to bring our community together. We all have our favorite creators, now your chance to show them your support.

Why wasn’t my favorite influencer nominated?

Nominations are open to any and all influencers, whether they’re going to win is up to them and those who support them. Some creators choose not to participate for personal reasons.

If you think your favorite influencer should be nominated, let them know you want to vote for them!

What are the Categories/Awards?

Influencer Awards

  • Best Gun Reviewer
  • Most Entertaining Content Creator
  • Most Influential
  • Best Outdoorsman
  • Influencer of the Year
  • Photographer of the Year
  • Most likely to survive the Apocalypse
  • Best Shooter

Brand Awards

  • Most Involved Brand in the Community
  • Most Innovative Brand of the Year


How do I vote?

Voting is simple, sign in on our home page and begin voting! You can vote once per category, once per day.

How long does voting last?

Voting Begins December 1st 2019 and Ends January 1st 2020.

How many times a day can I vote?

You can vote once per day, per category. So 10 total times per day throughout the voting period.

What do I get for voting?

Each Category has a prize that you are automatically entered to win when you vote in that category. Each vote you make in that category is an entry towards that prize. The more you vote, the bigger your chances of winning.


What are the giveaways?

There are 10 active giveaways. 1 giveaway per category. Each vote per category is an entry into that specific giveaway.

How do I enter the giveaways?

You are automatically entered into the prize giveaways every time you vote. Each vote is tallied towards the prize of that category.

How do you pick the giveaway winners?

The 10 giveaway winners will be randomly selected by computer generated number randomizer that will be publicly livestreamed.


Who decides the Award winners?

Award Winners are decided upon through popular vote. (The nominees with the most votes win).

How can I get nominated?

You can apply to be nominated at until December 10th.

How do I get my followers to vote for me?

The more creative the better, send them to and remind them what category you’re in. Also remind them of the prize they are automatically entered to win each time they vote.