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What are the Gundies?

The Gundie Awards are the firearms communities first and only award ceremony that spotlights top creators in the community.

What makes the Gundies unique?

The Gundies is community driven, meaning you can vote for your favorite influencer, rather than the winners being picked by a panel of judges. The control is in your hands.

Why should I care?

This is for fun. The Gundies is built on bringing the firearms community together. While influencers/creators with larger audiences are more likely to win nominations, the Gundies is a place to find new people to follow that you may not know about! The Gundies is a community effort to break through our community differences and have some fun… it is based off of “The Dundies” from the TV Show the office after all.


Each year voting occurs between December 1st - December 31st with Winners & Nominees Being announced at the Yearly Award Ceremony.

How many times can I vote per day?

You can vote 15 times per day. Aka once per category every day during December 1st and December 31st.

How long does voting last?

Voting starts on December 1st and closes on December 31st.

What do I get for voting?

By voting each day you are supporting your favorite creator(s).


Each vote is an entry towards the prize(s) of that category. For example, When you vote for “Best Outdoorman” you are automatically entered to win at Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle.

I heard there’s a Grand Prize?

This year we’ve added a Grand Prize to the pot for voters. This year the top 1000 voters on the leaderboard will be enter to win the grand prize trip to Texas to join us for the second Annual Gundies at Drive Tanks!

Website features


The Gundies Leaderboard tracks the top voters in the community, the more you vote and interact with the Gundies website, the higher your score. Why does this matter? Because the top 1000 Gundies voters will be entered to win a Grand Prize trip out to the Gundies Ceremony!

Badge system

Build your badge collection! Every action on the website earns you new badges, explore the site and build your collection.


Support your favorite sponsor or influencer with custom backgrounds! You can change these on your Profile.

Follow Accounts

Show support for your favorite sponsors & nominees by following their profile! This will ensure they show up at the top of your voting list each day and keep you in the loop on how they’re doing!


How do I get nominated?

Each influencer is eligible to apply to be nominated for the voting that begins on December First.